Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Portfolio

Welcome Everyone,

Since it's taking me a great long while to get my donkey into gear, to create my own website. I thought a temporary blog solution might be okay for the interim. Though I loathe the word "blog", and once before took an oath to never create one, it would seem that not all promises are lasting ones. As both time and circumstance can erode the principles upon which promises were made.

In any event, here is my "so-so" portfolio to view for all who enter. It is neither inspiring, nor memorable, but there are a few cool bits in there to be sure. Opinions, comments and random greetings are normally appreciated.

Brownie Major
aka Paul Brown

PS - It would seem that everything must be uploaded in reverse order to create the sequence that I desire. How quaint.

Portfolio Part 1/3

Portfolio Part 2/3

Portfolio Part 3/3

Mr. Bumper

Since Blogspot has the uncanny ability to rank posts in order of initial commencement rather than the time of publishing, I have deleted the initial welcoming comments here and instead it will only serve as the bumper, and as the first post. How wonderful.