Friday, March 4, 2016

Minerva Mech digital painting

Finally created a finished digital painting with much advice and tool tips from the wife:

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Monsters vs Aliens Tshirt

Here's a tshirt I designed for the staff of the Monsters vs Aliens tv-series at Bardel Entertainment. A number of individuals submitted possible designs and this one was voted the best out of about 10-12 shirts. Much thanks to Ghaydaa and Airi for helping me with the linework.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mecha Drawings!

Some robot drawings I've been doing. Some designs based on books, some designs of my own. The designs aren't well thought out, I tend to just scribble the whole thing in 5 minutes (and then clean it up in another drawing). Not the most efficient way to go about designing but I mostly do it as a distraction while waiting for the computer to do its thing at work. Unnamed Robot design (pen and marker):
Blood Kite and Crimson Langur from Battletech (pen and marker):
And an old Ink Brush and pen drawing circa 2004 or something: Featuring the Marauder from Battletech ; aka the Zentraedi Glaug Officer's Pod from Macross/Robotech:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spaceship Doodles 1

For those that have worked with me, or studied with me, I tend to doodle sci-fi things. In school it was all robots. But for the last few years it's been pretty much all spaceships. Always quick, always rough, never coloured or finished, they've never been much more than idle practice and a pleasant distraction. But I thought I would post a few that don't look terrible and to which I'm not especially attached. Each image is about a page in my sketchbook, and takes . . . 10-12 minutes at a guess? Usually the ships are every which way but I took a few minutes and orientated them in a less slip-shod fashion.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rough Spaceship + Flash Game

Here's some fairly quick spaceship doodle I did in photoshop just for fun (well, by fairly quick I mean like 20-30 minutes hehehe.) I really should do a cleaned up line drawing on paper instead and scan it in and colour it real proper like, but not today.

A few years ago, during the drought of 2009 I did do some artwork for a flash game through Dark Realm Studios.

Game is called the Farm and can be played here:

I did:
The cutscenes (yes, the one with the horribly drawn guy)
The in-game artwork, meaning the background, FX, characters and so forth but not the interface or the menu or anything like that.

It was all pixel art so was pretty fun and challenging to learn on such short notice. Though in hindsight, there were a few shortcomings. I went overboard with some of the explosions and death animations, which I think turned out to be a detriment. But some other things turned out great like the satellite launch animation.

I do note that the game has some sort of bug. While generally easy to win, it's even easier because in the lategoing some of the enemies do not cross a certain line. So basically they never advance and you can just kill them at your leisure. Game's pretty easy in general but I guess if you suck you might have a harder time. :D

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some CG models

Here's a couple of CG models I created. These are NOT my designs, but rather they're based upon pre-existing artwork from another source. I just translated them into CG for use in a couple of game mods and for some modelling practice as well.

BTW, I REALLY wish you could have pictures like side by side on this thing. Would save oodles of space. Apparently blogspot isn't that smart.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some chicks with guns WIP

This isn't really an update this is just me procrastinating doing work for five minutes. I think someone with the initials CL knows what I'm talking about. :D

Anyway. Here's another half-finished piece to go with my gallery of half-finished pieces. Maybe I should rename this place Brownie Minor's blog. ;)

Obviously I'm trying to learn photoshop here and not doing too badly but it's nothing to write home about. The chick on the left I realize looks a bit like a Half-Life 2 resistance fighter (colour-wise) but oh well. Her proportions are looking a bit odd to me at this point in time as well but could be worse (and has been).

ALSO - click on "Chun Li" on the right side of your screen to go and see Choom's new film :D. And if you haven't already click on "Fung Suije" and go see Belinda's somewhat-new film.