Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rough Spaceship + Flash Game

Here's some fairly quick spaceship doodle I did in photoshop just for fun (well, by fairly quick I mean like 20-30 minutes hehehe.) I really should do a cleaned up line drawing on paper instead and scan it in and colour it real proper like, but not today.

A few years ago, during the drought of 2009 I did do some artwork for a flash game through Dark Realm Studios.

Game is called the Farm and can be played here:

I did:
The cutscenes (yes, the one with the horribly drawn guy)
The in-game artwork, meaning the background, FX, characters and so forth but not the interface or the menu or anything like that.

It was all pixel art so was pretty fun and challenging to learn on such short notice. Though in hindsight, there were a few shortcomings. I went overboard with some of the explosions and death animations, which I think turned out to be a detriment. But some other things turned out great like the satellite launch animation.

I do note that the game has some sort of bug. While generally easy to win, it's even easier because in the lategoing some of the enemies do not cross a certain line. So basically they never advance and you can just kill them at your leisure. Game's pretty easy in general but I guess if you suck you might have a harder time. :D


Anonymous said...

Hey, I really liked how the game turned out. Good job! :)

Brownie Major said...

Hey thanks mac. Yeah the game itself is okay :)