Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Starship Work in progress

Here. See if you can even make this image out. I need to learn how to do proper "clay renders" in maya, because this quick cheater way that I found on the net looks like ass. (EDIT - screw it, I'm just going to screencap the thing in Maya. Not this "occlusion pass" crap where you can't tell anything.)

Anyway, here's some starship I'm working. I say starship because it's a ship, not a fighter. Even though most of my ships look like fighters. I have the basic shape of sorts, but now I have to figure out what details I'm putting on there. I should really plan this stuff out in advance. I got some stuff in my head, but there are some major details that I don't have so I should sketch some stuff out.

Obviously there are some major anime influences in there, and probably a bit of Naboo-style designs from Star Wars. But I've seen so many spaceships in my time there are probably a few different things in there as well.

Dunno how long I've spent on this. I take so many breaks it's hard to say. But at a guess we'll say . . .2-4 hours. Oh added one more little drawing at the bottom. That sketch is pretty much what I started from, though I didn't import it into Maya. Working with some big white blob on the screen is hard on the eyes. So I just winged it. Very professional. There a bunch of other sketches, of various angles, all of them crappy and very rough and not worth posting up. Anyway. Back at 'er.