Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some chicks with guns WIP

This isn't really an update this is just me procrastinating doing work for five minutes. I think someone with the initials CL knows what I'm talking about. :D

Anyway. Here's another half-finished piece to go with my gallery of half-finished pieces. Maybe I should rename this place Brownie Minor's blog. ;)

Obviously I'm trying to learn photoshop here and not doing too badly but it's nothing to write home about. The chick on the left I realize looks a bit like a Half-Life 2 resistance fighter (colour-wise) but oh well. Her proportions are looking a bit odd to me at this point in time as well but could be worse (and has been).

ALSO - click on "Chun Li" on the right side of your screen to go and see Choom's new film :D. And if you haven't already click on "Fung Suije" and go see Belinda's somewhat-new film.