Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some CG models

Here's a couple of CG models I created. These are NOT my designs, but rather they're based upon pre-existing artwork from another source. I just translated them into CG for use in a couple of game mods and for some modelling practice as well.

BTW, I REALLY wish you could have pictures like side by side on this thing. Would save oodles of space. Apparently blogspot isn't that smart.


J Han said...

I kinda learned the modeling but it's hard ㅠ ㅠ nice work !

Brownie Major said...

Thanks Jiyeon. I was pretty slow at first but I'm getting better. Like anything it takes time and practice right.

Dan szilagyi said...

Hey Paul,

Yeah looking back that eye is messed, bit too high up for sure, i wanted to suggest a slight tilt of head but i think along the way i sort of forgot? i don't know what to say.
anyway it was a varied version of an older sketch i did.

thanks for the comment though

Dan szilagyi said...

Oh no dude,

I know your about the helpful feedback..probably the only dude i know of on here that does it really.

I tend to leave comments on work where it's something i easily spot or if the person really asks for it.

but yeah thanks..sometimes it's tricky spotting the flaws in your own work and often i don't take a long look once i'm done the drawing

Anonymous said...

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ca60gregory said...

Hey Paul, my address has changed to www.rothanimation.com

Brownie Major said...

ah fancy schmancy eh greg

Jasreet Pratap said...

Thanks man . I have been trying to become a little mature in my image making. You should update your blog man!